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The Artist Umbrella Program was developed in October of 2020 by Breanna Menard, owner of BreannaTheArtist. There’s an unspoken cry for artistic attention in our at-risk communities and especially in today’s youth. Art is accessible, but it is obtainable?

BreannaTheArtist spent her youth and young adulthood following a fail-learn-fail-learn pattern which stunted her artistic growth and weakened her confidence as an artist and as a person. When BreannaTheArtist finally spent some formal artistic training under the mentorship of Ink Master Jay Gonzales of Texas City, Texas … she learned the valuable language of art and the lesson/appreciation of volunteering time with young artists.

It is the goal of BreannaTheArtist to set forth all of her knowledge about successfully creating, distributing & honing art in a modern market by holding out an umbrella of information and resource to young, at-risk artists.

By participating in the Artist Umbrella program, enrollees will be given the opportunity to simply create art and sell online, without having to maintain a website or learn to code. BreannaTheArtist provides this service FOR FREE, or rather in return that those who would want to support these young talented people, may also want to support those who are helping bring them forward into the world of creation and motivation. No person in the AU program will be exploited from as all of their profits will be their own!

Though some may think, well how does that instill work ethic? There is a single catch. All artists must provide at least one non-profit design to benefit any approved charity/non profit/ movement and donate all profits collected.

BreannaTheArtist believes that obligation is the elixir to entitlement and also the doorway to tolerance, action when needed & humility. Participants receive 100% of their non-charitable related profits in an effort to offset the struggles of living in today’s society & strive for artistic careers from an early age.

Any young and/or at risk artist may, with guardian/parental consent, contact Bree Menard at