Whether we come from humble beginnings or a life rich in art & culture, BreannaTheArtist strives to bring beauty, humor and tolerance to all. An Artist’s journey can be long and the fruit of labor can be far and few between. However, BreannaTheArtist & those she associates with believe that success is not enough without purpose.

It is our goal, as a team, at BreannaTheArtist’s Print & Apparel Shop to use our drive, innovation and willingness to give back to the world that gave us all we know and all we have.

With a combined knowledge of art method, art history, digital marketing, cultural challenges & street smarts, the team at BreannaTheArtist’s Print & Apparel Shop is currently devising a plan to raise up other individuals who posess talent, drive & a willingness to bring good into the world in terms and means obtainable by those individuals.

BreannaTheArtist is passionate about empowering the hardworking, the genius, the vulnerable, the at-risk and the oppressed. Stay tuned into our email subscription to learn how we plan to create real change.


The Artist

“I aim to make all things surrounding me beautiful. That will be my life.”


“I spent a lot of time grounded as a child” is the answer, if the question is: “Hey, where’d you learn to paint?” And though that sounds bad, it is the reality that brings me here today with the ability to bring light, love and perspective into the world through art. What I’ve learned about being a person through real life experience & the artistic process, is that sometimes we’re not handed a fair deck of cards. Sometimes there are too many jokers, or not enough aces. However, through adversity, humanity is forced to create solutions, comforts & skill to cope. 

I’ve used the what seems like constant controversy & strife to build up a mass collection of art that supported me as an at-risk youth working full-time AND attending high-school to today where I’m just another basic, millennial, pansexual, Afro-Latina, feminist, mother, unapologetic artist moiling away at balance. 

I believe in the goodness that lives inside us all and our ability to maximize potential for peace, love & prosperity. I am currently looking for an apprentice in the Houston, Texas Area so that I may pass on my knowledge of art & how to market/sell it. The ideal candidate would come from a humble beginning and be hungry to change their legacy. 

Thank you for choosing to believe in me and this brand. I will honor your support by empowering others & giving back as best I can. 


Head of Digital Marketing

I consult with and manage all of Breanna’s digital marketing assets so she can focus her time on creating her amazing art. I pull from my 24 years as a glass artist to share her talents with the world through social media and this online gallery were her fans can experience her art printed on variety of different items from fashionable apparel to a fine canvas.